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Ecofriendly and eco-sustainable footwear

In the new slowwalk eco collection you will not only find sustainable footwear made with recycled materials. Organic, biodegradable and vegan shoes have also been created. Certified seals that guarantee its respectful manufacture with animals and nature .Discover sneakers designed with cork from sustainable forests, ultralight sneakers made with organic cellulose from cotton crops (PFEC) and corn shoes made with bio-leather obtained from the inedible part of the cobs.

And if you love leather footwear, at Slowwalk you can find shoes made with the most respectful leather for the environment: Ecological Leather. Premium quality leather that is treated without chrome and with vegetable extracts, with zero impact on nature. The use of this type of leather implies a commitment to the planet by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Buy the eco collection in the Slowwalk online store

Take your daily style to another level with the eco collection that slowwalk has designed for you. Would you like to go out with some urban, original sneakers that are also responsible with the environment? In the slowwalk online store you will find a wide variety of models respectful with the nature. Let yourself be conquered by its trendy and authentic style. When you try our Slowwalk shoes for the first time, you will no longer be able to do without them, because in addition to being beautiful and ecological, they are super comfortable! You will want them to accompany you on any occasion. Don't wait any longer to take home any shoe of the Slowwalk eco collection. They are the perfect footwear for you!

Take home the best eco collection made in Spain

Slowwalk manufactures its footwear with a sustainable approach. SLW produces limited collections for a responsible consumption in order to promote the efficient use of resources and energy. Its current eco collection is totally responsible with the environment. These models, in addition to having an innovative design, offer extraordinary comfort thanks to a careful construction and their soft materials that fit the foot “like a glove”. The entire Slowwalk eco collection has been made with an evolved rubber sole with an extraordinarily flexible modular design that adapts to our steps. These shoes and sneakers have an elastic loop that adjusts to the size of your feet so that you do not tie laces again. All this combination of elements makes each step with Slowwalk a unique experience.