The company

Slowwalk is an urbanite brand dedicated to young spirits with high demands of quality products, attractive designs and comfortable to wear during their everyday life. Adapting classic shoe designs to their own style, fresh and very natural; Slowwalk gives a casual and sporty touch to our consumers’ daily clothes.

The green color is a fundamental part of Slowwalk soul, using it as a way to unify the different models of our collection and identify the brand. Details such as laces or green stitching give the shoe its own personality that reflects the natural spirit of Slowwalk.

Made in Spain

Our hometown is considered the cradle of global footwear, so we have a very clear idea of how we wish to make Slowwalk to get the desired result.

Quality is the basis of all our work. The good work that our designers do after several months of intense trending search, carry behind a perfect finished product. For this, we have a more than qualified manufacturing team.

Slowwalk is unique

The production process of a shoe like Slowwalk is complex and laborious since it has many important steps from the creation of the first sketch until the final product is packaged.

We could say that we are based on a traditional process, with lots of handmade steps and taking care of every little detail. For this and more, each Slowwalk shoe is unique.