Sep 29, 2017 /

Slowwalk premieres New Fall - Winter 17/18 Collection

A collection based on ethical and sustainable values, whose manufacture is made in Elche, from where they are sent to any part of the world. Handmade footwear made from natural materials and recyclable, following a sustainable and responsible model with society and the environment.

Slowwalk offers this season latest trend creations made in soft and flexible natural skin of premium quality and also in vegan lycra neoprene skin. Footwear that falls in love inside and out, for its extraordinary comfort, durability and charismatic designs, combining original combinations of color, attractive prints and captivating textures and finishes; colored soles, metallic effects ... etc

The Slowwalk footwear offers extraordinary comfort, its secret is in its innovative ergonomic rubber outsole with a super elastic stud structure patented exclusively by the brand. Another important detail that intervenes in comfort is the seamless sewing of shoes, since the skin is cutted in one piece, wrapping around the foot like a glove.

Another fundamental feature of Slowwalk is the olive green color, present in stitching, laces ... etc. This tone has become a symbol of brand identity, giving the shoe an unique personality that reflects its natural and ecological spirit. Sneakers, shoes and booties for all genres, perfect to give a casual and sporty touch to the daily wardrobe, and enjoy the pleasure of slow walking.