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Oct 20, 2018 /

The Slowwalk Boots that you will want to wear this winter

The meteorological part announces descent of degrees in the thermometer, and you without a warm footwear to go out to the street? Do not worry, at Slowwalk we have a large selection of warm and comfortable boots and booties designed for you.
It is said that good body temperature starts from below, in fact our feet are one of the parts of the body most vulnerable to cold, and that should be protected with priority since they are considered, next to the hands, the head, and the neck points to through which much heat is lost.
The cold should not distract us from our occupations, nor become an impediment in any of the activities of our daily life. The best way to combat it is by choosing a warm and comfortable footwear that keeps our feet dry and protected from low temperatures.

Choose your Women Boots in Slowwalk

Slowwalk, the brand of eco-friendly footwear and urbanite 100% ilicitana and made in spain, has this Autumn-Winter season with a large collection of boots and booties made of the best materials to protect your feet from the cold.
Creations with an irresistible trendy and elegant style, designed in soft leather of first quality, flexible and breathable, tanned from chemical-free vegetable processes, detail that gives the leather some unique qualities.


Choose your Men Boots in Slowwalk

A collection composed of refined models in which ergonomics and comfort prevail, equipped with innovative flexible soles of modular structure and memory foam insoles that provide rest and cushioning at every step.
Models available in attractive colors inspired by nature: moss, walnut, moka, slate, red, black ... very versatile and easy to fit with your urban outfits. Do not wait any longer, enter the Slowwalk online store with the warmest boots and ankle boots to protect your feet. Baiona, Baiona-W, Celanova, Lucian, Morvi Boot, Seceda-W, Tidui-W? Choose yours now!