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Nov 13, 2017 /

Great success of participation in the photo contest #TuMomentoSlow

We already know the name of the lucky winner of the creative photography contest #TuMomentoSlow that has been developed on Instagram over the last month.

Due to the large number of photos received and the very high level of competition, the selection process has been very complicated for the Slowwalk and Lomography jury.

After days of visualizing and analyzing the more than 200 photos uploaded to Instagram, it has been decided unanimously that the photo that best reflects the slow moment is the black and white portrait presented by Elena Martín Zuma.

Soon our winner will receive their morvi in ​​natural or vegan skin in color that they like the most and a Diana F + Black Jack camera, the black edition of the classic Diana F + camera from Lomography.

From Slowwalk and the Lomography photographic house, maximum representative of analog, experimental and creative photography, we thank you all for participating and sharing your praise for the slowness with us.