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Vegan Shoes





Here are the new eco-friendly models for all lovers of vegan footwear. Day by day, it makes us evolve towards a life faster and without conscience of what we do. We must stop, reflect and reorient our lives towards a new goal with sustainable, responsible and ethical values. Respect for the environment, nature and animals, are the basis of an increasingly developed society.

The philosophy of vegan life is respect and conscience. It is not just a form of food. It is a day-to-day guide that makes responsible consumption, a constant solidarity with the environment and a care of the animals. This "trend", as some call it, has already constituted a way of life. And many celebrities like Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Pink or Pamela Anderson, have joined this lifestyle.

But everything does not stay there. Every day the methods of manufacturing of clothes and footwear are questioned, the world evolves, and the industry also, presenting in recent years creations without the use of materials of animal origin. Veggy footwear is more common every day, and Slowwalk, with a Teemo line, wants to offer models designed only with renewable raw materials of plant origin, recycled and organic.


Exclusive vegan capsule collection - 100% free animal.

And Slowwalk offers you an exclusive 100% free animal capsule collection. A unique and limited edition line that comes from tarpaulins of tarnished water-free chemicals with natural rubber latex soles, and soles that you can enjoy rubber from other types of floors. But everything does not stay there. The manufacturing process is handmade and handmade, which reduces energy consumption. This reduces CO2 emissions. What's more, when the life of the shoe comes to an end, it is designed in such a way that the sole can be separated from the cut so that it can be recycled.


Certificates of animal protection "PETA" and "ANIMAL FREE"

These new creations of Slowwalk have the animal protection certificate "Vegan Approved" by PETA and "Animal Free", which assures its manufacture completely free of any animal component, reason why Teemo is a footwear 100% Animal Friendly, respectful with the Life of animals. The concept of sustainability is maximized with the packaging and packaging of Slowwalk, since it is manufactured with 100% recyclable cardboard.
Slowwalk has designed for you the vegan footwear that can not miss in your closet, you will love the trendy style and comfort of Teemo.