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Feb 1, 2019 /

Surprise Valentine's Day in a sustainable way with Slowwalk

Valentine's Day is approaching, that date in which millions of couples shout their love to the four winds and are shown through gifts and romantic messages how much they love each other.
However, this long-awaited day of love is one of the celebrations of the year in which more natural resources are consumed, and a greater volume of waste and waste is generated, worldwide. From Slowwalk we are clear that there are other ways to consume to encourage more ethical and fair shopping.
If making a gift is a gesture of love, why not give away products made with the care that the people who receive it deserve? It is time to change the rules of the game, you can celebrate Valentine in a different way by betting on gifts that combine ethics and aesthetics.

Sustainability has evolved to conquer the world of fashion and is currently the main trend. Slowwalk, the Spanish footwear brand ecofriendly offers you the perfect detail for any couple and for the environment.
Do not know what to give this February 14? Do you want an original gift that is also sustainable with people, with animals and with the planet? With Slowwalk it is possible to give with love and with a positive impact.
Surprise your partner with those shoes, sneakers, boots, bags and backpacks from Slowwalk designed in skins and top quality materials and finishes of the latest trend. Also, if your girlfriend or boyfriend is vegan, we also have very good options for him or her.

Our vegan footwear is designed completely free of any animal component, from raw materials of vegetable or synthetic origin, biodegradable and recyclable to achieve a sustainable product and fully integrated into the natural life cycle. It has the animal protection certificate "Vegan Approved" from PETA and "Animal Free".
The most romantic date of the year is approaching Still do not know what gift to make your lover? This Valentine bets for sustainable gifts. At Slowwalk we offer you the perfect shoes to give to your partner on this special day.