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Mar 2, 2018 /

Sustainable gift: a different father's day with Slowwalk

A sustainable Gift for Conscious Parents

Father's Day is getting closer and closer Do you already have your sustainable Gift prepared? Colonies, ties, and books are usually some of the recurring gifts every year for this day, but there is life beyond the typical and topical, because we can surprise you with something different, original and very sustainable.
Because they deserve it all, this March 19th congratulate them with a special and responsible detail, in this way at the same time you deliver a gift you are contributing to improve a little more the sustainability of the planet, since instead of buying to buy you You will have stopped to think about how important it is to practice responsible consumption and you will have opted for it.
If your father is one of those who have taught you to think more for others than for you and to look to the future with responsibility, we have the perfect gift in Slowwalk. Take a look at the great selection of sneakers, shoes and ankle boots for men, and choose the model that best suits your style.
Footwear that respects the environment both in its manufacturing process and in its materials, following a model of responsible production, taking full advantage of resources and applying the rule of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
Creations of the latest trend, elaborated in soft and flexible natural leather of the highest quality and also in vegan skin made of neoprene lycra, waxed canvas, microfiber or corn, designed in captivating colors, from the most discreet to the most daring.
Footwear "made in spain" made without seams and with ultra-flexible soles, which captivate for its extraordinary quality, design and comfort. This March 19 bet on a different gift. Accompany your "I Love You Dad" with the eco-sustainable footwear of Slowwalk.