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May 4, 2018 /

Slowwalk receives the visit of the students of Fashion Design of the EASD Valencia

On April 17 students of fashion product of the School of Art and Design Superior of Valencia EASDV, together with Professor Alicia Bonillo, made a trip to Elche to learn about some of the most relevant sustainable companies in the footwear sector, including Slowwalk in the itinerary.
Juan Caparros Jr, CEO of Slowwalk, and creator of this project that is capturing the interest of institutions, media and public, being a clear case of circular economy success, received the students at the company's facilities, located in one of the main roads of the Elche Business Park.
During their visit, the students learned first-hand about the philosophy and sustainable premises that guide the design and production of Slowwalk footwear, the innovative organic, ecological and recyclable materials used in its manufacture as well as the brand's recent launches for this Spring summer season.
The students and professors have been especially interested in the new collection of vegan footwear made from an innovative waterproof corn skin, as well as the imminent launch of their new vegan neo-espadrilles made of recycled tarps dyed in water, which also incorporate a novel natural rubber latex sole stitched directly to the canvas from yarn of the same material.
Thanks to the support and commitment of the teacher in the fashion design specialty Alicia Bonillo, Slowwalk has the great pleasure of having the EASD Valencia as the main partner of the DESIGN YOUR SLIPPERS WITH SLOWWALK contest, a project included as a rapport exercise in your classroom. Its students of the advanced degree in Fashion Design are working to present their original proposals that could customize the new Bones of Slowwalk, next release vegan, eco-friendly and animal free of the brand.
The EASD Valencia has a long tradition in the teaching of Fashion Design. In this school, a good number of Fashion Design professionals have been trained in the national and international field. If you want more information about the studies taught by the EASD Valencia and / or about their specialization in fashion, here is a link of interest: http://www.easdvalencia.com/estudio/moda/