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Nov 29, 2017 /

Sneakers for rain - Forget about wet feet with Slowwalk

The rain has arrived! The expected water is here. And with it, we enter those days in which we wear our socks and feet open. Uncomfortable, right? Well Slowwalk brings you the solution: a Nobuck Rain Sneaker with Water Repelent system. How do you stay? In this post we explain exactly what it is.
Slowwalk, one of the brands of footwear revelation of 2017, brings you a novel concept. We want you to never miss your appointment with style, design and exclusivity. Therefore, we want to give you for those rainy days, the perfect solution: a Sneaker for rain and water, with our Water Repelent system. How? We work the nubuck material so that not a drop of water enters your foot on those winter days.
And how could it be otherwise, we offer some designs to the latest. You can dress your favorite Morvi, the Baiona boots, or even the Chara nautical model, without having to exchange them for waterproof boots. Do not give up style, and join more and more people who trust our shoes. We give you one more reason to bet on Slowwalk.
To go for a walk, for a walk in the park, for a work meeting, for a dinner with friends, for whatever you want. The water repellent sneakers that we bring you, are the perfect complement for you to contribute personality, style and your own touch to those urban outfits. Take advantage and avoid those situations so uncomfortable to go with your feet all day.
Find all models with waterproof system throughout our website, identified with a green icon: WATER REPELENT. Do you dare to take a look at the models? Enter here: Sneaker for rain