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Jan 18, 2019 /

Slowwalk lands in Tokyo to participate in Shoes From Spain

Slowwalk will participate on January 30 and 31 at Shoes From Spain to present their novelties on site for the upcoming Autumn-Winter season 19-20. This exhibition is held in the EBiS303 enclosure of the Shibuya district (Tokyo), the main platform for Spanish footwear brands to present the new collections to Japanese customers.
This event, held twice a year and aimed exclusively at the professional public, is the great opportunity for Spanish footwear brands to present their new collections in the Japanese market.

22 Spanish companies, including Slowwalk, will be present at this event organized by the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE), with the support of ICEX Spain Export and Investment and the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.

Slowwalk will take to this 81st edition of Shoes From Spain its original proposals of the latest trend for the next Autumn-Winter season. A charismatic collection in which the skins of dark colors stand out; browns, moss green, navy, moka, walnut, wine ... etc, which are fused with; fancy prints, metallic and matte textures and innovative soles with bold and pronounced profiles.
In the manufacture of each pair of shoes Slowwalk combine the latest techniques of the footwear industry with the artisan know-how following a meticulous selection of materials and a meticulous manufacturing process, premises that give each creation a quality and an unmistakable finish .

Footwear based on ethical and sustainable values, respectful of the environment both in its manufacturing process and in its materials, following a responsible production model with society and with nature.
This presence in Shoes From Spain, held in the nerve center of Tokyo where the headquarters and offices of major fashion companies are concentrated, will provide Slowwalk with the opportunity to strengthen its relationship with the Asian market by bringing its footwear to the Japanese public "Made in Spain" "With denomination of origin ilicitana, and finished craftsman of high quality.