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Feb 7, 2018 /

A responsible gift for Valentine's Day

Still do not know what you are going to give this Valentine?

From Slowwalk we give you the perfect solution to give this Valentine's Day: a responsible gift with the Environment. If you have to have a detail with someone and you have not yet decided, we will help you. And since we know that we always need help, we offer you a possibility for all those people who are aware of this issue. According to our green philosophy, we have selected models from our collection, which can be included within your possibilities to give to the most beloved person.

Colorful, urban, with power and personality. We are sure that you will not regret:


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With Slowwalk you will not only make one more gift, no. In addition to contributing to the Environment, you will find sneakers with identity, strength and personality. You will find a signature that you will like to wear. A shoe known for its soles and comfort, with a high resistance of its materials, and current and urban designs. We take care of every detail of our models, betting on new trends, materials and different concepts, and the love of a family company Made in Spain.

A responsible gift for any occasion:
Slowwalk offers you a shoe for any occasion. According to your lifestyle and your personality, you can use our models to go to work, for a walk in the center, for a meeting of friends, for an afternoon with your dog, or for whatever you want. In Slowwalk we manufacture our shoes by the hand of the best designers and the latest fashion trends. If you are a person who likes to boast of outfit, and bet on a look according to your mood, you need a Slowwalk model. In our lookbook area you can find outfits that can perfectly combine with the models in our catalog.


Let yourself be seduced more than ever by some models. We invite you to step forward. We invite you to give this Valentine's gift responsibly. You sign up?