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The CURAZAO DORAN MOSS BLACK model of SLOWWALK men, is distinguished by its so characteristic floor design with the grooves in the rubber, separated as small studs, its color BLACK MOSS, elastic cord so personal, personality. It marks the difference with the identity of a brand in very few details.

Ref: 10633
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An excellent combination of textures and skins of high range, offering an innovative product. Take home the comfort of an original model, with design and total flex. CURACAO DORAN MOSS BLACK men's, footwear made of natural tanned leather, and chrome-free lining, always respecting the environment in accordance with our green philosophy.

Their materials, as we can see in the model, use natural first quality skins in different pieces and colors, finished by hand with dyes and brushes.

All models have a removable anatomical insole, and its sole is made of latex rubber, with maximum comfort and flexibility; excellent extreme capacity of resistance and durability.

Recommended outfits: a perfect model to wear without socks. Jeans aged, with a shirt on the outside, and accessories, perfect for any activity. For the more daring, pants tweezers, sailor polo shirt and your favorite sunglasses. Another of the ideas that we give you from Slowwalk for the model of man CURAZAO DORAN MOSS BLACK man.