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89.95€  67.46€

Be seduced by slowwalk urban models, MORVI DORAN NEGRO VERDE, which have the best features. Enjoy the identity of a brand in very few details. MORVI DORAN BLACK GREEN for women SLOWWALK, is distinguished by its very personal cordonera, its stitched helmet floor, and its top quality leather. Adaptable 100% to the foot and without lining.

Ref: 10612W
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Discover the perfect balance point in the combination of high-end textures and skins, offering a novel, urban, and innovative product. Take home the comfort of an original model, with design and total flex. MORVI DORAN NEGRO VERDE, like the rest of the products in our women's collection, is a footwear made of the highest quality leather and a chrome-free lining.

Always respecting the environment in accordance with our green identity. Their materials, as we can see in the model, use natural first-hand skins finished by hand with dyes and brushes.

All models have a removable anatomical insole, and its sole is 100% latex rubber, with maximum comfort and flexibility; excellent extreme capacity of resistance and durability.

Recommended outfits: a perfect model for classic outfits. Skinny jeans, with an open plaid shirt, and your perfect accessories, for any activity. To go to work, for a night of friends, to walk the dog, to go to a family meal. A model that gives you versatility, style, and fashion, with its urban and fashion colors. Another of the ideas that we give you from Slowwalk for the model MORVI DORAN BLACK GREEN of WOMAN.