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Water Repellent + Insole Woman

Water Repellent + Insole Woman


Slowwalk offers you the Hydrophobic Pack + Template Woman. A pack that gives you the comfort and ergonomics of the template, plus the benefits of water repellent. Take care of your feet and your shoes, with a first pack.

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In this pack of Template + Hidrofugante, Slowwalk offers you:

Template woman: if what you want is comfort, ergonomics, and have a footprint of 10, avoiding the fatigue of your feet, do not hesitate take anatomical templates of women from Slowwalk. They will bring you that point of safety, comfort, and stability, in addition to respecting your footprint.

Hidrofugante: we offer you within the category of "Footwear Care" the Hidrofugante. For all types of skins (special for trekking and mountain footwear). Discover an authentic Water Repellent made without gas, an Eco-Friendly product and respectful with the environment.

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