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Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner


Slowwalk offers you a special split leather cleaner for your nubuck / split leather models. It is very important to extend the life of our footwear, in addition to taking care and pampered. Therefore, with the Serraje Cleaner that we bring you this time, you will be able to update your sneakers and boots so that they have a longer useful life.



To keep our nubuck / split leather models clean and cared for, all we have to do is take care of them with the Slowwalk cleaner. Also, to remove the dirt, and treat the skin properly.

For this, the skin of this footwear must "breathe". We can not use them on a wet day and when we get home, store them in a box, or closet. They have to be exposed to air at a moderate temperature (neither too low nor too high). In the case that we have taken these out on a rainy day, or have stepped on a puddle, what we have to do is put newspaper inside it to absorb all the excess liquid and moisture for the skin.

We must also, eliminate the dirt they can catch: mud, dust, splashes, ... First eliminate these, and then we can apply the Slowwalk cleaner. In case you do not want to find grease stains, which are the most complicated, you can use the Slowwalk water repellent, which you will also find in our "Foot Care" section.

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