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Water repellent

Water repellent


Slowwalk offers you its "Hidrofugante" category in the "Foot Care" category. For all types of skins (special for trekking and mountain footwear). Discover an authentic Water Repellent made without gas, an Eco-Friendly product and respectful with the environment.



Nobody likes to have wet feet. Besides being very uncomfortable, it is not good for the health of our feet. For this reason, the hydrofuge of Slowwalk prevents our shoes, sneakers, boots, are wet and in this way, we avoid having that feeling of moisture on our feet.

And how could it be otherwise, in addition to having all the benefits outlined above, is a product without gas. This makes us have a completely eco-friendly product, in line with our brand values.

With the hydrofuge of Slowwalk, you can give and renew water repellency of the skins of your sneakers and boots. Thanks to its breathability you can make your feet breathe, always without having them wet or wet.

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