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Anatomical Insole - Man

Anatomical Insole - Man


If what you want is comfort, ergonomics, and have a footprint of 10, avoiding the fatigue of your feet, do not hesitate to take anatomical templates of man from Slowwalk. They will bring you that point of safety, comfort, and stability, in addition to respecting your footprint.


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All the models that you acquire from Slowwalk, have anatomical insoles of Slowwalk man incorporated. Sole 100% latex rubber, which gives you maximum comfort and flexibility; besides an extreme capacity of resistance and durability, with an excellent finish.

Just putting on these anatomical men's insoles will help improve your quality of life, improve your body posture, and distribute weight properly over the entire plant. Fight against tiredness, foot pain, anomalies, etc, with this product comfortable and respectful with your way of walking.

And of course, these can not only be used with your shoes Slowwalk, you can also put them to your other favorite models of your wardrobe. Totally recommended to help those men who spend much of the whole jorndad standing, or we want to provide an extra comfort to our daily steps.

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