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Let yourself be seduced by the vegan shoe: TEEMO WOMAN STAR ORO. Inside the Slowwalk female Vegan line. A GOLD hue that turns your outfit into a trend, giving you an urban style. Respect the environment by being considerate of nature. A limited "capsule" line, which is sold until the end of stock. Break the monotony and enjoy some vegan materials, making these vegan sneakers become a Must Have from your closet. Comfortable shoes with a special design.

Ref: 10426W
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The model of eco-friendly footwear: TEEMO WOMAN STAR ORO is a footwear made by hand from materials without chemical products and rubber natural rubber latex soles give you the comfort you are looking for. Flexible vegan footwear, with double insole. One removable and another fixed with patented breathable microfiber lining that meets all the European reach regulations. Made with synthetic leather. Also enjoy elastic cords so you do not have to tie them.

As for the manufacturing process, the assembly reduces to the maximum energy consumption, which results in the reduction of emissions. These vegan sneakers, creations of Slowwalk, have the animal protection certificate "Vegan Approved" from PETA and "Animal Free", which ensures its manufacture completely free of any animal component, so Teemo is a 100% Animal Friendly footwear, Respectful with the life of animals. The concept of sustainability is stretched to the maximum with the packaging and packaging of Slowwalk, since it is made of 100% recyclable cardboard.

Recommended outfits: skinny jeans, with a denim shirt and your favorite accessory, for any activity. Chinese pants with fold in the lower area, striped jersey and your sunglasses. Another of the ideas that we give you from Slowwalk for the TEEMO WOMAN STAR ORO model.