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Enjoy an original and trendy boot: the model BAIONA NOBUCK OCRE - CARAMELO. A boot that will not only endow you with an exquisite and original quality, but also give your outfits a unique style, classic, trend, and a lot of personality. OCRE tonality, CARAMELO floor, and the flexible green / brown laces in the line of our brand, that will turn your looks into something necessary in your day to day. Enjoy the design and the comfort of the manufacture of the highest quality with very comfortable soles in your compositions.

Ref: 10413


The BAIONA NOBUCK OCRE model is a footwear made with natural processes, with CARAMELO floor, and chromium-free lining. How could it be otherwise, coming from Slowwalk. Participate in a respect for the environment with your BAIONA. Take home one of the "Must Have" of the season and how could it be otherwise, we want to always be in accordance with our green soul. In addition to offering you probably one of the trendiest shoes, most comfortable, and most attractive on the market.
All of them have a removable anatomical template, along with the 100% rubber latex sole, which gives you maximum comfort and flexibility; in addition to an extreme capacity of resistance and durability, with an excellent finish.

And for you to see the versatility of this model we give you a Recommended Looks: skinny jeans, aged fish, with a loose shirt and your favorite complement, for any activity. Shorts with buckle in the lower area, plain colored shirt, thin sweater, and your sunglasses, is another possibility that we offer you for the BAIONA NOBUCK OCRE model with CARAMELO floor.