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A classic with a very attractive color, MORVI BUFFALO LEATHER from Slowwalk man, a referent. With white hue and flexible green laces, like the brand, it makes your outfits a safe value. Enjoy the comfort of not wearing seams, and a model made in one piece. A shoe that will be an essential in your closet.

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The model MORVI BUFFALO LEATHER is a footwear made of natural tanning leather, lining free of Chrome, always respecting the environment in accordance with our green soul. Enjoy the first and natural skins with hand-finished dyes and brushes. All have a removable anatomical template.

The sole is 100% latex rubber, with maximum comfort and flexibility; And an extreme capacity for strength and durability. 

Recommended Looks: Skinny black pants, with a linen shirt and a fresh scarf, for any activity. Pitillos of color, black T-shirt and your favorite complement, is another of the ideas that we give from Slowwalk for the model MORVI BUFFALO LEATHER.