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Mar 4, 2019 /

Show your dad all your love with Slowwalk

Father's Day is just around the corner, if you still do not know what you are going to give him, you have nothing to worry about:  Slowwalk want to help you. Sure your father supports you in what you do every day, helps you and encourages you to achieve your goals. It is a fundamental pillar in your life and, as such, you have to reciprocate as you deserve on dates like this.

That's why you're sure you're looking for the best for him: a product with an attractive design that stands out for its quality and originality and that can enjoy your comfort. The footwear that we offer you in Slowwalk combines all this with a philosophy committed to the environment. What more could you want?
If your father is in addition to those who have taught you to look to the future with responsibility, you will find the perfect gift in Slowwalk. Congratulate you with an eco-sustainable product and with positive values, in this way at the same time you deliver a gift you are promoting responsible consumption.
Choose from the multitude of models we propose: from ankle boots to sneakers with a variety of colors and styles. It does not matter if your father identifies with a more classic or modern style, you will surely find the perfect model for him.
Footwear Slowwalk differs in that it is manufactured by a process in which manual and artisan processes are combined with the most innovative techniques of the footwear industry in order to achieve a product of sustainable philosophy and "quality made in spain".
Slowwalk manufactures in Elche, the Spanish city that produces footwear par excellence, following a process committed to the circular economy and the care of the environment. For that reason, if in addition to having a detail with your father, you also want to have it with the planet, Slowwalk is your brand.
Creations of the latest trend, elaborated in soft and flexible natural leather and also in vegan skin made of neoprene lycra, microfiber or corn skin, designed in captivating textures and attractive combinations of colors.
Footwear made without seams and with ultra-flexible soles, which captivate for its extraordinary quality, design and comfort. This March 19 bet on a practical gift, stylish and committed to our planet. In father's day don’t risk!  Show your dad all your love with Slowwalk!