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Jul 1, 2018 /

Record participation in the Slowwalk footwear design competition

Great success of call! More than 1,000 proposals received

Creativity is more alive than ever in our country and has been well proven. More than 1,000 proposals have been received in the "Design your shoes with Slowwalk" contest. Action promoted by Slowwalk in order to promote and reward the creativity of all those people with artistic interests or who seek their professional future in the world of design, fashion, footwear ... etc.
Surprised by the massive response and very happy for the interest and involvement of all participants, from Slowwalk we thank and congratulate each and every one of the contestants, as well as Inescop, Slow Fashion Next, EASD and all the Design, art and fashion schools that have collaborated as partners in this project: Coco School, Barreira Art + Design, Inedi Design School, Kroomdos, Esme, and Natural Formación.
We have been pleasantly surprised by the talent and originality of the works presented. Designers and illustrators from all corners of the country have mobilized to design their own version of the Slowwalk Bones model, the neoalpargata 2.0 that is causing a sensation in the world of fashion for its innovative design without losing the essence of that traditional Mediterranean footwear. lifetime.
The sketches presented have been made with analog tools (markers, colored pencils, watercolor, wax, sprays ...) and digital (photoshop, illustrator ...). Students, professionals from the world of design, illustration, graffiti, photography, painting, architecture, art and creation in general, have been encouraged to reflect their imagination, freely customizing the Bones print with their designs free and original theme.
With 333 like me obtained by voting on Facebook, Manuel Dominguez Narvaez has been awarded for being the favorite design of the public. Mónica Pérez Martínez and Cristian Bertoni awards in the unisex category. Alvaro Garcia Rodriguez, Veronica Andreina Ruiz Hernandez, and Lluïsa Pou Lozano awards in the men's category. Aurora Gomez Pino, Irene Ramos Lapesa, Raquel Hidalgo Serrano awarded in the female category. And the first prize went to Fernando Ortiz Sanchez, winner of 1,000 Euros. Congratulations to everyone! The first pair that is made of your bones will have it exclusively.
The 8 finalist designs, the design most voted by the public and the winning design will be produced and will be available soon on the Slowwalk website so that everyone who wants to can acquire the new Bones. Being a vegan footwear, Slowwalk will donate a percentage of the profits of each pair sold from those designed in the contest to the NGO Anima Naturalis association focused on the defense and protection of animals.



Autor: Fernando Ortíz (FEROZ)



Autor: Fernando Ortíz (FEROZ)





Autor: Manu Dominguez




Autor: Moonic


Autor: Cristian Bertoni




Autora: Aurora Gómez Pino


Autor: Resonancia Hueca


Autora: Irene Ramos Designs



Autor: Alvaro García Rodríguez (AGARCIADESIGN)


Autor: Lluisa Pou Lozano


Autora: Verónica Ruíz