Aug 3, 2017 /

The original sneakers: sham

What do the Original Sham Sneakers offer me?

The Sham model offers a different way of putting on it, since it is made by hand with pieces of unconventional textures, while it is manufactured with an uneven process. Respect for the environment, is always within our values, and therefore, you acquire an original shoe with a green heart, which will not make you go unnoticed. Take a shoe with some top quality materials, with exquisite handmade finishes.



And what about their soles, 100% rubber latex, with a really incredible flexibility. This gives your footwear an extreme durability and special resistance. Its removable anatomical template, will make it go to the last, is not an ordeal.

Before we forget to tell you that you will have two flexible, adaptable laces. This helps you not to have to fasten your laces every time you wear the model. You decide whether to put one or the other.

Style, design, fashion.

And here is where the strength of these sneakers arrives. The point of originality, the different touch, and a totally breakthrough design. Its three colors: blue, red and khaki, make you choose your perfect model to match your outfits. A fresh, dynamic and up-to-date look.


We recommend that you combine them with fishy skinny pants, and your cotton t-shirt wide with some reason, next to your favorite sunglasses. Similarly, you can wear these sneakers with colored shorts, black tight polo, and a wide cap.
As you can see, there are in


Fineness of combinations to use for your sham sneakers. We are sure you will not regret it. An anecdote: when we put them, all people ask us where we bought them, synonymous of what they like?


We invite you to enter our store, where you can buy them. Are you going to stay without them?