The super-flexible Morvi-style soles provide you and your feet with unparalleled mobility, giving you unique freedom of movement. This unusual flexibility means that you can move comfortably on practically any type of surface while your footwear adapts perfectly to your feet. They will be almost like having a second skin


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The Morvi soles of all our footwear models (thanks to their manufacture in natural rubber) give you unparalleled flexibility and comfort. They make your footwear adapt to any situation while taking care of your feet. Their extreme flexibility makes Morvi soles suitable for almost any type of activity: going for a walk, shopping, meeting friends and any imaginable activity. They adapt to your foot and the terrain to give you optimal comfort in any situation.


At Slowwalk we strive to innovate day by day and provide you with fashionable and comfortable footwear that is respectful of the environment and animals. We fight to do our best to make a better world, hence our philosophy of seeking new formulas to manufacture eco-sustainable footwear that respects nature.

As experts in men's and women's footwear, we always seek excellence in each of our models. Looking at all the details of our designs and manufacturing process. At Slowwalk we make our models thinking about the good customer experience and trying to contribute with all our professionalism and experience to obtain original models that are respectful to the environment.

Don't miss this opportunity and get one of our star soles: The Morvi Sole. Use them on your feet and start enjoying their extreme flexibility and comfort that it’s what your feet deserve. Find your size, color and enjoy unprecedented comfort. Those who try, always repeat!