Jan 4, 2018 /

For The Three Wise Men, get yourself a different gift: Slowwalk

For the three wise men, get yourself a different gift: Slowwalk

We are almost certain that the Magi have not hit 100% with the gifts that they will bring you. It's like Murphy's law, it sure does not fit your wishes at all. Therefore, do not stay with the desire to make a gift for your kings are special. Therefore, from Slowwalk, we give you a series of models with 30% on their price.

Surely we have not been wrong, right? It usually happens that people are dissatisfied with gifts that do not fully satisfy us. For those situations, Slowwalk is your solution. Who does not like to have an urban footwear, comfortable, of first quality, and with a design to the last? To us yes.

And what about your outfits with the Slowwalk models. For a meal of Kings, to go out for a drink with your friends, to take a walk with the dog, or to go shopping for last minute. With jeans or chinos, along with a sweater of alpine motifs, or your favorite denim shirt, will be great.

Therefore, as it could not be otherwise, for these dates, we offer you:


Slowwalk footwear is not just any shoe. Our models are manufactured with the best materials, chromium free linings, always respecting the environment in accordance with our green heart. In the same way, we take great care of your footprint. Models that carry a removable anatomical insole and the sole is 100% latex rubber. You will enjoy maximum comfort and flexibility; and an extreme capacity of resistance and durability.

we will be waiting for you at our store. Will you be able to resist Slowwalk?