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Dec 8, 2018 /

Bet on a sustainable Christmas with Slowwalk Slow Gifts

Christmas is already here and with it comes the rush with gifts Do not you know what to buy your family and friends? Do not worry, you have time to get along with them and also with your surroundings, because it is possible to get away from the classic gifts and surprise with "ecofriendly" products and sustainable gifts.


Today, the ability of all of us to become agents of change is undeniable, if we choose responsibly the products we consume, we are influencing the way of production and the same law of supply and demand that is currently destroying the resources of our planet.


With this panorama, before buying a gift we should reflect and think if it is really an object that has a utility or is just another junk, and buy those that can be useful and cause the least possible impact on the environment.
A consumption that helps create a more sustainable world for animals, people and the planet is possible. Giving back Slowwalk bets for sustainable footwear and for responsible purchase.


Get the Slowwalk Slowgifts now! A selection of our top selling products at the best price. Go ahead to Christmas and the Magi and get all those shoes, sneakers, bags and backpacks from Slowwalk that you've wanted to have in your closet for a while or you wanted to give away.
Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire at premium prices a first quality footwear, authentically comfortable, flexible, and innovative, with an eco-friendly soul and "made in spain". Bet on Slowwalk SlowGifts and take a step with us towards ethical consumption.