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Nov 29, 2018 /

The players of Elche C.F. enjoy the new Slowwalk collection

Slowwalk, the brand of eco-friendly footwear and urbanite 100% ilicitana and made in spain equips for the third season in a row the players of Elche C.F. with his new creations comfortable and of last tendency. The President of Elche C.F., Diego García, has recently signed a new collaboration agreement with Juan Caparrós Jr, CEO of Slowwalk.

Through this new agreement, members of the franjiverde team have been presented with footwear belonging to the new Fall-Winter collection of Slowwalk.
Specifically, they have been provided with the model Lucian Doran of Slowwalk, an urban style booty made of soft, flexible, and breathable leather of first quality and an innovative sole of modular design.


Botines that the forwards Nino and Benja, the midfielder Gonzalo Villar and the defender Zotko have already released and are enjoying after the intense workouts and days.
This model has a wraparound design that fits the foot like a glove avoiding any chafing, double insole (one fixed and another removable) that provides great comfort as well as a practical and comfortable elastic loop that does not require the binding of footwear, characteristic detail in all Slowwalk creations.
Footwear of the latest trend, based on ethical and sustainable values, respectful of the environment both in its manufacturing process and in its materials, following a responsible production model with society and the environment.
Slowwalk is a footwear brand founded on ethical and sustainable values, aimed at both male and female audiences, who demand quality, attractive and comfortable shoes with their own, fresh and very natural style.
His designs give a very elegant casual touch to the daily wardrobe, so Nino, Benja, Gonzalo Villar and Zotko from Elche C.F. They are delighted with their new Slowwalk.


SLOWWALK, S.L.U. C / Marie Curie 19, 03203 Elche, Alicante (Spain). Telf. ​​966.65.10.09 www.slowwalk.es