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Footwear Care


Slowwalk brings you its line of footwear care products. If you like and need a comfortable and anatomical footprint, and if you are a lover of well-cared footwear, you will not be able to go without your products for them. Three basic products, that combined, create very interesting Packs to take care of your footprint and your favorite shoe.


Enjoy the anatomical insoles of men and women. Natural latex and manufactured with your footprint in mind. Turn all your footwear into a pleasure for your feet. In the same way, we present the ecological water-repellent of the brand. Provide the Water Repelent plus in your first materials. And of course, a cleaner to have your shoes and boots, to the last, and with a total cleaning.


However, you can take advantage of our packs. In them, you can take home your favorite products, at discounted prices. If you look at the price of these, when you buy two or more products, you will have a direct discount on the price of the combinations. What are you waiting to take care of your feet and your shoes? Surely you will not regret it. Take home some top quality Slowwalk products.