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Jan 25, 2019 /

Get back the slowwalk corn skin shoes!

After the great success of last season, Slowwalk stomps this 2019 with vegan and eco-sustainable novelties made in corn skin. The 100% "made in spain" brand of eco-friendly footwear comes back to surprise with new designs of corn sneakers and also expands the collection with original bags and backpacks.
Creations 100x100 vegans made in a new vegetable and organic skin from the inedible part of corn cobs. They also have the animal protection certificate "Vegan Approved" from PETA and "Animal Free", ensuring a 100% Animal Friendly product, respectful of animal life.


Models trendy, daring and fully integrated into the natural life cycle. Slowwalk brings you a charismatic collection of eco-sustainable shoes, bags and backpacks that will not leave them or them indifferent. Designed from a cheerful and fresh combination of colors and exotic kaleidoscopic prints of boho inspiration.

The Teemo Rinnova shoes have a soft, noble and uniform touch finish due to their organic skin made from fibers from the ears. They incorporate a sole made of natural latex rubber, super elastic, resistant and insulating, which also provides great comfort due to its flexibility, shock absorbing capacity and its studied anatomical design.
The new Slowwalk backpacks are practical and compact, they have a main compartment and a front pocket that allows a very good organization of personal items. As for the line of handbags, Slowwalk has designed 2 styles so that you can choose the one that best suits your personality; one medium type shoulder strap with flap closure and adjustable strap, and a large Tote type with large, flexible handles to hang from the shoulder comfortably.

Slowwalk was born in Elche, a city with a shoe tradition recognized worldwide. From this town in Alicante, a pioneer in the footwear industry, Slowwalk produces its emblematic shoes following a perfect combination of craftsmanship, modernity and sustainability, following a model of responsible production with society and with nature.
In the manufacture of each pair of shoes Slowwalk combines the latest techniques of the footwear industry combined with the maximum manual processes, following a meticulous selection of materials and a meticulous manufacturing process, premises that grant each creation of a quality and a unmistakable finish.