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We all like to dress in the latest trend with exclusive and original models. Slowwalk offers you a collection of men's shoes completed with sneakers, boots and shoes with designs from the latest trends with the goal to complete your outfits. Top quality materials, soles developed with the best technologies and comfort, are some of the characteristics that we offer you to dress a brand that is synonymous of exclusivity and trending.


Buy men's shoes at the online store

As you can see in this section, you have at your disposal a whole catalog of exclusive models and some firsthand designs. In Slowwalk online store, you can find boots, shoes and sneakers with high quality, with a range of very attractive materials and colors and never forgetting that they are manufactured 100% in Spain.


What does Slowwalk offer you?

Here we leave you some of the main features that Slowwalk offers you in our man’s collection:


First class materials

Top quality materials are always selected for the manufacture of our footwear, with premium leather and soles with special materials.


Quality floors

As you can discover in the photos of our models, their floors are designed with the latest technology available to give you maximum comfort and flexibility in every step.


Made 100% in Spain

All Slowwalk footwear is made in Spain and centralized in Elche (Alicante).


Trending Colors

Large palette of colors makes up Slowwalk collections. Thanks to this, you can have combinations of materials and soles, with the more fashionable and attractive colors of each season.


Latest trend in laces

Knotless ropes are trending. Comfort and quality make this system a value for your purchase.


Comfort and flexibility

As we mentioned before, the flexibility and torsion of our models, surely will leave you without any comment. This way, you will have a "glove" for your feet.


Complete your man outfits with Slowwalk

For the most casual looks you will be able to use all our models for men. An afternoon with friends, a walk in your favorite city, going to work, walking with your dog, or even going to the movies are perfect to wear your Slowwalk footwear. Wearing skinny fishing jeans, a sailor t-shirt, and your favorite sunglasses; with a linen blouse and Chinese colored pants; with red shorts, no socks, and a black T-shirt… Many are the looks that you can use to make use of your favorite model. What are you waiting to start creating your outfits with Slowwalk?