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Be seduced by the bags and bags shoppers of Slowwalk women. With models of both skin and vegan skin, you will have the option of enjoying an urban and very modern design. A complementary catalog Made in Spain, with colorful tones that go on sale until the end of stock. Break with the monotony enjoying a unique style, with a product made with first-class materials and that gives you style and fashion. Feel comfortable and trendy with a women's purse and bags shoppers, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Combine them in your outfits, and turn them into a seasonal Must Have.


As we all know, the bag is a complement that never goes out of style. However, if in addition, we add that it is a model manufactured in Spain, it takes more value. In addition, from Slowwalk, you can enjoy models of natural skin, and others with vegan skin. For every taste. From Slowwalk we are respectful with the Environment, what more can we ask for? Manufactured by handcrafted processes, we offer you a plus of comfort, comfort, style and the design you are looking for.


If we put the focus on its manufacturing process, the bags and shoppers are made of MALI and AFRICA material. Natural skins and others with vegan properties to the water dye. In this way, it is reduced to the maximum energy consumption, which results in the reduction of emissions. Once the bags are finished, they are designed for daily use. They do not carry solvents. Slowwalk works on his creations under a very important aspect, the Made in Spain.


Many of these, have the animal protection certificate "Vegan Approved" by PETA and "Animal Free", which ensures its manufacture completely free of any animal component, so they are Animal Friendly. Products that respect the life of animals and the environment, from their skins, to their zippers.


But as we mentioned before, today the bag is one of the accessories that do not go out of style. Comfortable, functional, urban, with daring and fresh designs. With your favorite dress, to go to work, for a meeting of friends, for a Saturday shopping, to go to the beach, and for much more. Take advantage of the models we offer you. We are totally sure that you will not regret it.