Oct 10, 2017 /

Zig-zag soles with the Nibiru model of Slowwalk


Zig-zag soles that are more fashionable:


Slowwalk, the new brand made in spain; eco-friendly footwear and urbanite of 100% ilicitana production, it is with great pleasure to present your Nibiru line , a new collection of sneakers that combine an evolved and transgressive design, with the Slowwalk's vital and self-conscious nature.



Nibiru Women - Zig Zag Soles - Colection Here


A collection very attractive and fun, addressed to them and them, made in materials of first quality, and original finishes. You can choose them in different versions; designed in soft natural nobuck, vegan neoprene leather, felt, velvet, innovative metallic textures and fabulous color finishes



Nibiru Men - Zig Zag Soles - Colection Here

Nibiru features a charismatic rubberized sole that is very flexible in the form of a zig zag, imitating the tire design, detail that not only grants a unique personality to these sneakers, this component provides great comfort, cushioning, grip to the ground and impetus to walk. A 4x4 for slow walking and bring an original touch to all your looks this fall-winter. Do not miss them!