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Apr 26, 2018 /

Mother's Day Are you looking for a practical, sustainable and fashionable gift?

Mother's Day is just around the corner, are you sure to give it away? There are a thousand different ways of telling a mother everything we love her, the complicated task is to find that gift that surprises her.

Are you looking for a detail that is original, practical and also respects the environment?

Look no further, from Slowwalk we give you some ideas so that the woman of your life receives the best gift in the world while you contribute to protect the planet.

The sneakers are the infallible gift, and more if we think how important are the shoes in the feminine closet Is there any woman who does not love them? Our moms are no exception.

In addition, sneakers are a must in autumn, winter, spring, or summer. It is possible to adapt them to almost any style, and always with an extra positive point: comfort, something that our mothers value a lot.

Because they deserve the best, next Sunday, May 6, congratulate them with a special and responsible detail that, besides being beautiful and fashionable, contributes to improving the world around us a little bit.

If your mother is one of those who appreciate comfort without neglecting current trends, the new Slowwalk Nibiru is the perfect gift for them. Take a look at its varied collection and choose the ones that are more in keeping with your style; in mirror skin, with metallic finish, or invaded by cheerful floral prints.

Designed in attractive colors and textures, from the most discreet to the most daring, and in avant-garde materials, lightweight, elastic and breathable.

Like all Slowwalk creations, the Nibiru offer extraordinary comfort from its seamless construction, which wraps the foot like a glove avoiding any chafing, its double patented insole (one always fixed and another removable) and its elastic loop that does not require tied.

Nibiru also have a charismatic rubber toothed very flexible in a zigzag, imitating the pattern of the tires, a detail that not only gives a unique personality to these sneakers, this component provides great comfort, cushioning, grip to the terrain and impulse when walking.

This year accompanies your "Te Quiero Mama" with the best sneakers of the season. May your mother not miss this basic! With Nibiru from Slowwalk you'll be sure for sure!